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Iphone xs max landscape

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But these phones are very much the next iteration of the new vision for the iPhone that Apple introduced on exactly the same day last year. The new phones' similarities to the iPhone X also include a nearly edge-to-edge display with rounded corners and a notch at the top. Despite being initially mocked, that notch has now become ubiquitous in the industry. They also sport glass backs that look lovely and enable wireless charging, even if they raise concerns about durability. TrueDepth and augmented reality promise a future iPhone experience that just isn't a reality yet for most people, though. That's because they haven't taken off with third-party app and game developers yet.

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You know, you get used to features, and after a while, they kind of blend into the background. The reason why I remember landscape being available on the iPhone 6 Plus is because I used it right from the start. I was on board with the Plus size as soon as the 6 was available. I followed the 6 Plus up with the 6S Plus and 7 Plus the next two years, as well.

I remember using the landscape Home Screen during those three years and appreciating that Apple added it. Even though the X really has a Plus-sized screen, I understood the logic. They even added the app enhancements that went with the Plus-sized phones, such as the ability to access folder selection menus and side bars in stock apps such as Mail and Notes. Why add one feature of the Plus class back and not the other? This may have just not made the ship deadline, or less likely, may have been overlooked.

Who knows. Maybe it will come when the new iPad Pros are released in October. Maybe if we are really lucky , we will get Face ID capability in landscape on the iPhone at the same time. Any time I had to pause the video and the screen would go off, I had to pick the phone up and rotate it to unlock it again because Face ID is still locked to portrait orientation.

When your device is parked in landscape, it helps when it actually works in landscape. Even more critical to a good experience than landscape support, however, is Face ID recognizing in landscape. Like I said before, maybe Apple will surprise us and we will get both of these features in a couple of weeks when they take the wraps off the new iPad Pros. These two features together would be an easy way to make a great device just a little bit better.

What do you think? Have you missed not having landscape on the Home Screen? How about Face ID in landscape? Would that help you on your iPhone XS Max? Let me know what you think in the Comments section below, on Flipboard, our Facebook page , on Twitter , or on our new Instagram account. I am a Christian husband and father of 3 living in the Southeastern US. I have worked as a programmer and project manager in the Commercial and Industrial Automation industry for over 19 years, so I am hands on with technology almost every day.

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Gold iPhone XS Max in landscape

If yes, then please try adjusting the display size to smallest. That may un-hide the speedometer icon in the landscape mode. By the way, I will relabel your post to the How-tos section of Connect, because this is where you may ask questions like this or share your feedback and tips. It only hides in landscape mode. This website uses cookies. By clicking Accept, you consent to the use of cookies. Click Here to learn more about how we use cookies.

Landscape photograhy with iPhone XS Max. Dec 11, The technology is fast catching up with the camera mfrs, or it has already surpassed them in some.

9 things you need to know about Apple’s iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max

Matthew Miller started using mobile devices in and has been writing news, reviews, and opinion pieces ever since. The 10 best smartphones right now. It's easy to find a great phone today. In fact, current flagship devices are so good you really don't need to be replacing them every year. Read More. When last year's Apple iPhone X was released I was thrilled with it due to the small overall size, large screen, minimal bezels, touch gestures, and more. Four months after I owned one I gave up Android as my primary platform and used the iPhone X until last month. The large form factor offers nothing unique over the iPhone XS and even though I usually like big phones this 6. The iPhone Plus models of the past came with some functions found in the iPad, such as landscape home screen support, split-screen mode, and more extensive landscape support for apps.

The iPhone XS and XS Max Review

Links on Android Authority may earn us a commission. Learn more. I took the iPhone XS Max for a stroll and got acquainted with its camera. It might seem odd to publish an iPhone XS Max camera review on an Android-focused website, but we believe it is important to be educated on both sides of the spectrum in order to make an educated decision.

When you want to make the most of your iPhone XS or Max, you have got to get hold of some tricks and tips that let you toy with the phone easily.

IPhone XS Max “Landscape”

Looking for design inspiration? Shop our curated collections! Pop Culture. Share This Page. The image is near the edges of the product but doesn't cover the entire product.

It’s Time to Optimize Your Mobile App to Fit the iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR

This year, we get two flagships. But, you say, I was promised things I need to know, not mere general commentary about these new shiny devices! These phones have the same finishes and capacity options, the same chip and camera system, and the same connectors. For some reason, tests for the latter were in part conducted in beer, but Apple confirmed your phone could take a dunk in a pool for half an hour and probably still be in tip-top condition after a brisk towel rub and a little lie down. No word on whether you can shove Aspirin into the Lightning port if that half-hour is spent immersed in a pint, though. Rotate it to landscape, and some apps will offer a dual-pane mode like on the iPhone Plus — handy for filing emails in Mail or browsing categories in Settings.

Turn Landscape Mode On/Off. Apple iPhone XS Max Tap the "Rotation Lock" icon to toggle rotation/Landscape Mode on or off. Open Image.

Apple iPhone XS and XS Max review: smoothed out

A year on from the iPhone X and notches have practically become the norm now. The notches on the XS and XS Max are actually quite wide compared to many of the notched phones out there, but that's only because Apple packs so much technology into them. If you haven't used a notched phone before, it's something that you'll get used to within a week or two, but it's worth remembering that there are some aggravating drawbacks that come with it.

IOS Design

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How the iPhone XS Max improves over its predecessor is best summarized as follows: a higher quality and huge 6. The XS Max faces stiff competition from Android flagship devices to be crowned the best smartphone ofLet battle commence. The camera sensors are still in the same place, the back has the same simple reflective glass design, and the frame is still made of stainless steel. The 6. Apple further claims that they use the most structurally stable glass ever used in a smartphone in their XS series devices.

The X was easy to use one-handed, yet had the biggest screen ever shipped in an iPhone. Its OLED display showed near perfect color, while its cameras were able to shoot photos that took advantage of that perfect color.

8 ways the iPhone XS Max helps you have more fun and get more done

To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. My iPhone 6 plus did this. I used it like a mini laptop with a keyboard. Now I always have to lift it back and forth or deal with a sideways homescreen Now I know that this is a feature and it wont work with face ID or I am holding it wrong or I am looking at it wrong or using it wrong or some other wrong thing i am doing that makes it my fault

Apple has remained silent amid complaints that its new iPhone XS and XS Max smartphones fail to charge consistently when plugged in. Several users have reported that their device refuses to charge if it has been idle for a while. Some charge only if the display is "woken up". Video blogger Lewis Hilsenteger dubbed the issue "chargegate" in a video demonstrating the problem.